The latest pandora jewelry design

Many judges said that compared with the previous contest,Inspirational Bracelets  the works of the contest closer to life, many creative works people shines. Design quality greatly improved, outstanding personality, rich content, cultural elements changeable.
“Works we see a lot of Chinese elements, combined with the trend of the world, impressive,” Beijing Fashion Institute of jewelry design director Zou Ningxin said, dragon, face, Chinese knot, blue and white porcelain, are the interpretation of the designer of the classical culture Unique understanding  Inspirational Bracelets. In addition, natural beauty, monuments, abstract concepts, text symbols, and even geometric graphics are introduced into the creative prototype.
Judges from the jewelry business, said a new generation of jewelry consumer groups, more attention to the cultural value of jewelry and spiritual experience, the pursuit of jewelry unique and unique. The judges found that the design of this work closer to consumer demand discount pandora jewelry online store.

Phoenix TV “full fashion manual” host Li Hui think this competition works more than the previous design sense and creativity, “one of the works called ‘hearts of Buddha’, the middle of the jewelry is hollow, the mood came out.”
National cultural heritage filament mosaic craft inheritance Bai Jingyi in the entries, see a lot of filament mosaic highlights works, “From this point of view, pandora birthstone charms competition for the traditional heritage, played a great role in promoting.
Professional group of works more calm and heavy, there are designers will arch bridge, the moon combination for the necklace, there are designers will be the Great Wall, the Forbidden City to build necklace rings, on behalf of their “Chinese India” understanding.
Students’ group works with rich feelings, rather aura, “their design is simple and generous, bold jump, more than the previous works more features,” China University of Geology, vice president of the Institute of Jewelry Guo Ying in the evaluation of student group works said pandora bracelet with charms.
Their source of inspiration may be childhood memories, or a photo, or even an hourly cartoon. A designer will be the “father” and “mountain” two words into a necklace, to interpret the “father love mountains” affectionate; another author with the prototype of the creation of pendants, miss the good childhood.
All the preliminary comments of the finalists will be in the next days in real production, in November, the Organizing Committee will finalists of the finished product final review, when these ideas will become a kind, debut. At the same time, the production of competition skills are also carried out pandora charm bracelet sale . Craftsman door “gearing up”, waiting for the final contest. Production Competition Award-winning craftsmen will be the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security “national technical experts” title.
Beijing International Design Week Organizing Committee Office Deputy Director Zeng Hui, Beijing Food City Department Store Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Chunli and so participated in the assessment work.
2, platform to expand cross-border cooperation  pandora necklaces and bracelets
The cooperation of the competition began to try to expand platform and cross-border cooperation. Competition and Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group organized by the Beijing International Design Week, during the design week held the first “China Jewelry Culture Season” series of activities, so that jewelry culture, aesthetic design concept more deeply rooted. And redefine the jewelry of this consumer goods in the minds of more consumers, so that the concept of jewelry design price of pandora bracelet charms  and life closer to meet people’s cultural consumption needs.In addition, the Beijing International Design Week will also contest the entries and previous winning entries for re-evaluation, the leader awarded a special award.

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