Autumn bare diamond procurement section

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Buy weddings to diamond custom, investors want to diamond investment in diamonds, diamonds more and more popular in the jewelry market. But we have to buy things to be aware of the price, whether it is to buy finished diamond ornaments or direct purchase of diamonds, we must figure out the price of diamonds. Then Dai Kela diamond prices how to query?

For a bare Dai Kela diamonds, the international standard with 4c to grade. This 4c includes: caratage, clarity color cheap pandora bracelet with charms , and cat. The 4c ​​standard has a direct impact on the quality level and price of finished diamonds. It is by the American Gemological Institute (gia) proposed quality evaluation system, but also all the gems of the most complete, the most international and most scientific evaluation system. China’s national diamond grading standards are also based on the development of this system.
Diamond quotation query,cheap pandora charms wholesale the diamond quotation table is classified by weight, such as rapaport (0.01-0.03ct) this area of ​​the diamond offer table only includes 0.01-0.03ct weight of the diamond price.
Second, the diamond quotation query and our mind is the difference is that the diamond offer not only to diamond “4c” standard to judge the price of diamonds, different shapes of diamonds offer a lot worse. So the international diamond quotation table will indicate the quotation table applicable to what kind of shape of the diamond,pandora wedding charms sale  so that the diamond trading personnel in the different shapes on the diamond quotation query can be more convenient.
Dai Kela diamond prices how to query? Dai Keira diamonds follow the diamond international quotation table to facilitate the delivery of goods and consumers to check the diamond offer.
Dai Keira Hong Kong – Beijing Autumn Bare Diamond Purchasing Festival
A shiny deicella diamonds, coronation for our timeless love. A fall of the purchase of bare drill, and love the conclusion of a lifetime of vows. Sacred hall, accompanied by treadmill, filled with petals to accompany,discount pandora jewelry online store diamond witness, romantic moment, will forever remember life.

Marry this event, sometimes excited sometimes anxiety, elusive mood filled the whole brain, it does not matter, let yourself quiet down. A Dai Kela diamonds can let you get rid of the wavering heart, so you have a sense of security, because it is the other to give you the most supreme commitment!

Dai Kela Di diamond to meet the diverse needs of consumers, not only a variety of cash supply, while providing “wedding ring custom” service, free with bare diamond and ring, and senior jewelry consultants to fully communicate, custom exclusive diamond ring. complete pandora bracelets for sale The more people began to pay attention to diamond quality standards and diamond ring style, which makes Dai Kela more strict checks on diamonds, to ensure that customers can give higher quality products and services.
The lowest offer in the industry selection of high-quality bare diamond, September 2 – September 26, now is the best time to customize your diamond ring, to wear Kela 2016 spring bare diamond procurement section, a diamonds shine October wedding season discount pandora bracelets and charms!
Dai Kela has been with the world’s four major diamond cutting center of the well-known diamond cutting manufacturers to establish a strategic partnership, direct procurement of primary diamonds, reducing the number of intermediate links, thus ensuring the same industry at home and abroad has always been the most Competitive price advantage authentic pandora jewelry clearance . Dai Kela diamonds are owned by GIA, HRD, IGI and other domestic and foreign authority of the certification, its 31 years Cassie design team will tailor your diamond jewelry for you to enjoy.

Dai Kela to understand the customer’s requirements for contemporary design, and strive to novel fashion and product trends,pandora silver bracelet price  to see in this sweet and harmonious season, to see men and women love long-term addiction, heart sweetness over any storm, this is love Oh!
Come and give you a candy diamond!

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