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Hermes said the turnover slowed in the first three months of the year, mainly due to the decline in tourists and the slowdown in China after the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris, cheap gold pandora charm bracelets with sales growth of 6.19 billion in the first quarter and € 1.19 billion, compared to double Bit growth rate, the latest quarterly performance growth is weak.
As of March 31 of the first quarter, Hermes leather products sales rose 15.5%

French luxury goods group opened the cloud said that due to the reduction of tourism in Europe, the quarter group income is lower than analysts expected sales rose 2.7% to 2.72 billion euros, pandora rope bracelet lower than analysts 2.78 billion euros in sales expectations, excluding exchange rate effects, Group sales rose 4% in the quarter, still not up to 5.6% of analysts’ sales growth. Which luxury part of the sales income of 1.804 billion euros, an increase of 2.6%; Gucci sales grew 3.1%; sports and life part of the sales revenue of 913 million euros, an increase of 7.0%. Access detailed data
Richemont shares in the past six months fell 20.46% market value of about 29.94 billion Swiss francs

As of March 31 this year, the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont sales rose 6.4% to 11.08 billion euros, in the case of constant exchange rate, sales fell by 1%, mainly Hong Kong and Macao high-profit market traffic Decline and the weak demand of consumers cheap Pandora jewelry charm export . Johann Rupert noted that sales in the Asia-Pacific region continued to weaken due to continued recovery in Hong Kong and Macau, but sales in mainland China were good and sales rose 26% in April. Ricoh Group revealed that the merger of Yoox Net-a-porter resulted in $ 703 million in revenue for the company.
Burberry shares in the past six months fell 2.66% market value of about 5.2 billion pounds
In the first quarter, Ferragamo’s poor performance in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in China and Hong Kong,jewelry stores that sell pandora charms  the two major markets, usually accounted for 36% of the Group’s performance, but revenue shrank by 3% in the case of constant exchange rate fell 2.3%.

Italian luxury brand Valentino Valentino sales rose 9% in the first three months of this year to 256 million euros, compared with 344 million euros a year ago. Sales in all markets have increased, sales in the United States and Japan to “double digits” percentage growth. Valentino reported sales of $ 1.09 billion last year, up 48% from $ 80.84 million in 2014, and the company expects sales to continue to double-digit growth in 2016, according to earnings data pandora white gold rings .
Hugo Boss shares in the past six months fell 34.45% market value of about 3.53 billion euros

Retail-related investments will also be reduced to less than 200 million euros level. Hugo Boss Chief Financial Officer Mark Langer has said that improving sales performance is more important than retail network expansion, with less than 20 new stores planned in 2016 and 72 new stores in 2015 pandora butterfly charm.
Ralph Lauren shares in the past six months fell 19.20% market value of about 7.45 billion US dollars

Due to excessive inventory impact on sales, its profits and turnover continued to suffer heavy losses. As of April 2, the first three months of the company’s profits plunged 67%, recorded 41 million US dollars, while the income was relatively flat, to 1.9 billion US dollars charms that fit pandora . The main reason is the cost of restructuring costs, the amount of US tourists fell and inventory, resulting in excessive discount activities. The company’s change was led by the new CEO, Stefan Larsson, who succeeded Ralph Lauren since taking office in November last year, and his pressure has never diminished.

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