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Abstract: In Beijing, the World Brand Lab sponsored by the World Brand Conference released China’s 500 most valuable brand list. In this list issued by the international authority, pandora gold charms sale Yuyuan Garden Jewelry Group’s old temple brand value for the first time exceeded 10 billion mark. The old temple gold from 94.18 billion yuan brand value to the first time to break ten billion – to 11.671 billion yuan brand value ranked
June 25, 2014, in Beijing, by the World Brand Lab (World Brand Lab) hosted the “World Brand Conference” on the release of the 2014 “China’s 500 most valuable brand” list. In this list issued by the international authority, Yuyuan Garden Jewelry Group’s “old temple” brand value for the first time exceeded 10 billion mark. “Old Temple” brand from the brand value of 94.18 pandora jewelry sale 2017 billion yuan in 2013, after a year, the first time in 2014 exceeded 10 billion – to 11.671 billion yuan brand value ranked
The old temple brand value of the first break ten billion finalists China 500 most valuable brand list

By the world brand laboratory sponsored by the “World Brand Conference” published by the list has a high gold content. World brand laboratory as the world’s most famous brand research institutions, the brand value list of the authority and professional are widely recognized. Ranking data based on the past few years of financial analysis, consumer behavior analysis and brand strength analysis and not only reflects the brand’s consistent value, but also can clearly show the brand image to enhance the brand value brought about by the growth.
May 2013 Yuyuan discount pandora jewelry online store Golden Jewelry Group since its establishment, the old temple of gold continued good luck culture, showing a hundred years Zhenpin, focus on the global market, with gold and gold to create a classic fashion.
The old temple brand value of the historic breakthrough is undoubtedly Yuyuan Golden Jewelry Group set up the first anniversary of the best gift.
“Asian brand 500 list” by the (ABAS) Asian brand evaluation system expert committee effort to build, the board by the Asian brand association joint Asian brand research institute,shop pandora rings  Renmin University of China business school organization, through the Asian regional brand development status Conduct a comprehensive assessment.
The evaluation system of the Asian brand 500 from the market performance, development potential, quality level and efficiency of the four dimensions of the strong pandora gold Asian enterprises to conduct a comprehensive evaluation score. The four dimensions, the weighting of the ten specific indicators make the selection more comprehensive and objective, has become the interpretation of the Asian brand value, shaping the Asian brand international image of the important platform and the Asian brand of the highest honor.
Since 2006, the annual launch of the “Asian brand 500 list” by more than 100 at home and abroad authoritative media coverage, in the international community have a significant impact. The Chinese and Asian brands have a significant increase in visibility and influence pandora gold and silver charms.
Old temple gold in 2008 began to participate in the Asian 500 brand festival activities, when the year was awarded the “Asian brand 500” honorary title. All the way to work together to witness, ten years cast sword unswervingly, 2015 old temple gold once again glorious reelection “Asian brand 500” title.
Old temple believe that the brand will win the future, they will continue to innovate, boost the Asian brand,gold pandora bracelet with charms  the achievements of China’s dream.

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