18k gold ring why will change color? How to maintain it?

In the purchase of wedding ring when the newers sometimes choose 18K gold ring, so 18K gold hardness is slightly  pandora gold charms sale higher than platinum, pandora blue flower charm inlaid diamonds more solid. But with the natural color of natural platinum, 18K gold ring wear a long time there will be faded or discoloration of the phenomenon, many people think that this is the quality of metal, in fact, not the case. So what exactly is the cause of the 18K gold ring discoloration? 18K gold ring after changing how should we maintain it?

1,18K gold ring color change reasons pandora ring sale 2017
To know the reasons for the 18K gold discoloration, we must first understand the composition of 18K gold. 18K gold is 75% gold plus 25% of other metals (such as silver, palladium, zinc, nickel, etc.) made of a fusion of metal, our common 18K white gold is 18K gold surface plated five thousandths of a millimeter thickness Rhodium, when the 18K gold ring wears for a long time, due to prolonged exposure to chemical composition of the items or the collision, friction, are likely to corrosion, wear the plating layer, and exposed 18K gold original color, therefore, 18K gold ring fade Or color is a normal phenomenon, not the quality of metal problems pandora birthstone charms.
2,18K gold ring how to prevent discoloration
Through the introduction of the above, we all know that the 18K gold discoloration is because the K gold surface of the plating layer is corrosion, wear, so wear 18K gold ring in the process should avoid 18K gold contact with those chemical substances or harmful substances. In the daily life of the most likely to cause 18K gold ring discoloration of the two substances is the body’s sweat and cosmetics, human sweat contains harmful substances and 18K gold in the silver and copper contact, it will produce a chemical reaction, and jewelry surface Or left on the human body black stains, so when wearing gold jewelry in the summer to remember when the regular cleaning. In addition pandora silver and gold bracelet , life is indispensable cosmetics, contains many chemical ingredients, the same is 18K gold discoloration of the “culprit” one, we try to avoid the 18K gold ring contact with this material.
3,18K gold ring after the color of the maintenance skills
18K gold wear a long time still can not escape the discoloration or fade of the “fate”, affecting the luster and beautiful jewelry, but as long as the discoloration of the 18K gold ring to the relevant professional jewelry agencies to clean the plating can be repeated as new, so We do not have to worry too much pandora charms for necklaces  .
In the purchase of the ring, many people are worried about the 18K gold ring discoloration of the problem, through the above description I believe we have more understanding of this issue, in the purchase time will not exist so much doubt.

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