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Short necklace wearing a little below the clavicle of the visual gold position of the most noble ideal, to maintain the visual radius of the arc, and too long will appear not solemn cheap earring studs. The general body of the more full of the larger with the corresponding pearls, the general choice of single row of large beads can be; and stature face more thin, single row necklace pearl specifications should not choose too much, recommended 9mm the following, select the double and multi- Of the pearl necklace can be modified thin face, so that the overall look more rounded full size of the greater the value of pearls higher,gold stud earrings with price  the ancient language cloud “seven beads, eight treasure” is the truth. In general, 7-9 mm for consumers generally love you, more than 10MM pearls are much more expensive than the average pearl. 11MM above the words as long as the South Pearl and Tahitian black pearl only. The larger the shape of the pearl the more scarce, because the price is often an exponential growth.

Many people will have to ask how much to choose the pearl? earrings that hang behind the ear In the selection of pearl necklace can also be selected according to their own size. 7-8MM pearls are small size, small size pearl necklace is more suitable for petite and delicate women, 8-9mm pearl is a medium size, medium size necklace symmetrical female, and 9mm above the pearl Necklace is more suitable for body fat women gold hoop earrings for sale .
Multi-layer 30MM around the short necklace to wear side by side, close fit neck. With the banquet dress preferred, ancient and modern women have a lot of love pearls. A small size of the multi-layer short necklace enough to reflect the noble women, fashion taste. Very suitable for tall, long face, slender women, with a banquet, a variety of parties to the V-neck, strapless, low collar dress, dress, skirt diamond stud earrings for women .
Pearl necklace price: according to the budget to select the pearl style, the budget in the 1000-3000 yuan or less, you can pick high-quality freshwater pearl necklace, from 7MM-9MM or so have the style, relative to the sea pearl more affordable; consumption budget at 3000 Yuan or more, you can consider playing a freshwater pearl necklace, or a higher value of the sea pearl necklace earring and necklace sets cheap.

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