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Crystal clear, pure and flawless, this may be crystal to our most intuitive feeling, crystal pendant the same way, it dust to clean up your mind. Many times when people buy crystal pendants, pandora ring store are only concerned about its beautiful appearance, while ignoring the quality of the crystal itself is good or bad. Natural crystal pendant how to buy? It should also pay attention to the quality of crystal itself Caixing. Here with the purchase of network Xiaobian together to see the crystal pendant to buy 6 big Raiders it.
Colorful colors are always the magic weapon to attract the eye, just crystal has this advantage, with many colors to choose from. Crystal color is generally divided into two kinds,pandora charm bracelet prices  one is the color of the crystal itself, crystal pendant original color of its evaluation of the highest standards are bright and moving, bright colors, pure and evenly distributed; and the second is the color of inclusions, no Color crystal within the inclusions of the bright colors, strange shape, then its value is much higher than the ordinary crystal.

White crystal
Like everyone common colorless transparent crystal transparent and transparent,
pandora silver beads  can help us get rid of bad luck, increase the value of charm.
Yellow crystal
Full of glory of the yellow crystal is considered to be “Lucky” stone.

Powder crystal
Romantic beautiful pink crystal has a love to help you, to attract the opposite sex eyes.
Mysterious temptation of the amethyst not only wear to add feminine, but also conducive to concentration, the development of the role of intellectual potential pandora engagement rings.
Look for the election material
Excellent choice of crystal products, should not see the star-like, cloudy and floc-like distribution of gas-liquid inclusions. Texture pure, smooth, crystal as well, if found to have different depths of broken cracks, spots, then belong to defective.
Look at work
Crystal products processing process is divided into two, namely, grinding and carving. Such as crystal necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other belong to the grinding products; Guanyin, within the painting snuff bottle, etc. belong to the sculpture. A good workmanship of crystal products should be sophisticated,pandora pendants for necklaces  not only can fully show the crystal products outside the United States (modeling, style, symmetry, etc.), but also to maximize the mining of its inner beauty (crystal, clever color).

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