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Abstract: Black pearls can only be used to sell black pearls before they are successfully put on the market. The black pearls are very rare and very expensive natural black pearls, or will fade Japan’s nuclear akoya pearls, This pearl is blackened with silver nitrate, cheap Pandora jewelry charm export in addition to a small part of the imitation of black pearls. This paper mainly introduces the formation of black pearl color is due to the shell surface of the shell of opal high content, that is, organic matter composition of high carbon content. Than other colors cracked pearls caused by the rich, but also with everyone to appreciate the black pearl necklace related pictures official pandora sister charm.
Black Pearl Necklace Picture Enjoy the black pearl is how to form the basic knowledge of black pearls
Black Pearl Necklace

This type of pearl is actually an important series of dark series, pure color is rare high-quality pearls, according to Beijing Gao Wang pearl room identification of the feed authentic pandora charms on sale . Legend, a drop of dew fell into the sea, if just by an open seashells catch, you can form a crystal pearl. If the weather is not good, the gray surface of the dew is the formation of a black pearl, this one spread in the 15th century so far. Although it failed to explain the causes of pearls, it shows that people from the understanding of pearls, put the black pearl as a special species to look at.
Black Pearl Necklace pandora bracelets black friday deal
High-quality black pearl body color to the black peach green and steel-based, black pearls are popular after the 1970s, before people get only a very rare natural black pearls, due to little production and not climate. In 1965, the Japanese beads experts in Australia successfully carried out the black butterfly shellfish cultivation technology, breeding the color from green to black pearls. To achieve a commercial production pandora rings cheap . However, the black butterfly shellfish pearls are not all black pearls, to achieve the gem-level black pearls even less.
Black Pearl Necklace
The current black pearl only two major natural origin; one is the Polynesian Islands Tahitian Island, the output of 95% of the world’s black pearls; the second is the Cook Islands and Lin Juji Jiu Island, the total output Of 4%. These two areas cohabitation in the central and southern Pacific, pandora clips sale it is also known as black pearls for the black South Pearl. The annual production of premium black pearls is estimated at no more than 150,000, of which 40% are sold through the annual international auction. Most black pearl particles are concentrated in the range of 9mm to 10mm, about 6% of the black pearl particle size does not exceed 11mm. cheap charm bracelets like pandora So the general 11mm as a black pearl treasures of the boundaries, and more than 15mm fine round black pearl because of very rare, no ready-made market prices can refer to. Black Nanyang beads due to more expensive, made necklaces, rings and earrings jewelry more.
Black pearl color Cause: a theory that is the pearl shells living to the sea water contains a specific mineral and trace black elements such as iron, titanium, vanadium,cheap charms for charm bracelets  manganese; another theory is the surface of the shell surface shell opal high content of organic matter Component carbon content is high. Than the other colors cracked pearls rich, but in any case the formation of black pearls has nothing to do with anaerobic, it is a special environment and the formation.

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