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Praise the real price, respected natural is our abide by the principle of Seiko Art complete pandora bracelets for sale , refused to mediocrity is the pursuit of the realm of the company. “The world emerald out of Yunnan, Yunnan jade first”. This is a gentleman mentality and integrity rules to build the lifeline and honor monument.
Years of bred, once blooming, pandora silver bracelet sale “colorful Yunnan” brand jade based on the local, radiation national, Zoran standing.
In September 2004, colorful Yunnan strong north, the world, to the concept of the new museum flagship style, leading consumer fashion, to promote the trend of jewelry, so that the capital of Beijing set off a “jade hot.”
Coincides with the prosperity, Yongjin heap jade. “Colorful Yunnan” to unrivaled strength, in major cities across the country to open pandora bracelet best price  “colorful Yunnan” brand Jade franchise stores in the Chinese land show the charm of jade culture.
History tells us that the world has had Zhongming Ding food “golden age” and brilliant “silver era”, and now, let us work together, relying on “colorful Yunnan” brand effect, conform to the current consumption trend of the world, to create a The Golden Age “Golden Age” cheap genuine pandora bracelets !

Brand Value
Colorful jade, a rockery, scientific research, design, production, sales, chain integration of the international jade organization, has been awarded the “China Jewelry and Jewelery Industry Excellence assured demonstration shop” “China’s jewelry industry Shou contract re-credit business” The
Scientific pricing integrity management cheap leather pandora bracelets 
“Colorful Yunnan Jade” Institute of the United States Jewelery Institute to introduce a full set of GIA equipment, according to the emerald’s seven quality standards, 48 ​​technical indicators, the first to establish a scientific and standardized Jade commercial grading standards and emerald pricing system, forming a far-reaching impact on the jewelry industry Emerald quality management system pandora bracelets and charms discount .
Has experienced the composition of the expert group of jade experts, each piece of jade are strictly enforced experts joint pricing, changed the thousands of years, “gold is priceless jade” argument, completely broke the lack of scientific basis for sales of jade, the sky asking price The sale pattern. The national uniform price, integrity management, consumers can rest assured to buy pandora online sale .
Expert design teacher carved
To the China University of Geosciences Jade Institute Vice President Ren Jin as the chief designer of the “colorful Yunnan Jade” designer team, over the years dedicated to the study of jade culture, communication, and constantly introduced a piece of extraordinary refined, Zhuo and not Group of “colorful Yunnan Jade” jewelry pandora charms on clearance .
Each exquisite “colorful Yunnan Jade” jewelry are from the emerald teacher ingenuity of the ingenious design, exquisite craftsmanship, both to retain the emerald natural Tiancheng intrinsic spirituality, but also highlight the profound and profound jade culture. Follow the trend, where to buy cheap pandora charms  to retain the classic, innovation and design, but also to provide you with customized custom services.
From the natural reputation since the sincere
Colorful Yunnan jade raw materials all from the origin of Myanmar, the operation of the jade all natural jade (A goods), never sales of artificial jade (B, C goods) where to buy cheap pandora charms.

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