Discontinued cheap pandora charms and bracelets

Look at the mark
Silver jewelry should generally be marked with silver abbreviation (“S” or “Sterling”) mark pandora religious charms . Standard silver mark is S925, or 9.25,925 mark. The silver mark is the S990. But there are many countries in the silver jewelry is not printed in mind. Or 9.25,925 mark. There are thousands of silver mark or S999.
Check color
Silver jewelry mostly microstones yellow silver, was soft metallic luster. Due to easy oxidation, a long time, the color will become dark yellow and white emerald pandora charmdiscount pandora jewelry .

Weigh the weight
The density of silver is 10.53 g / cm3. Than platinum, gold is small, handless no fall feel. The needle can be traced, or it can be bent. In this way can be and platinum, K platinum or silver silver German silver jewelry phase difference.
Check hardness
Silver hardness is lower than copper, and lead, tin large, can be used to design a large head of inconspicuous place, such as needle slippery off brand pandora charms , the surface is difficult to leave traces, you can determine the copper jewelry; such as lead, tin texture, The traces are obvious, prominent; such as physical traces and not obvious, can be initially identified as silver jewelry.
Listen to rhyme
Sterling silver jewelry resounding, no stretch. The lower the color, the lower the sound, and the sound the higher the more high and rhyme; if the copper, the sound higher and sharp, rhyme sound short and short; if lead, tin texture, then throw the sound dull, short , pandora america charm No stretch◎ wear their own: the choice of scruples less, in their own can bear the range, according to their own preferences, dress characteristics, taste selection size; style fashion or tradition; form is a pure silver bracelet; or carved bracelet; Or stone bracelet to buy, you can try to choose some fashionable and chic silver bracelet.
◎ gift relatives: you can choose exquisite workmanship, inlaid stone, medium size brand silver bracelet, style should not be too old, it should not be too exaggerated, fashion, moderate is appropriate, on the one hand can express family, on the other hand can be used as a souvenir pandora charms retailers  .
◎ give the younger generation: If it is children, and even baby, suitable for the purchase of non-sharp edges, cute or play with a small child’s children’s bracelet bracelet, bracelet should be Suyin, not inlaid stone, can also be engraved on the bracelet Or memorial statements, meaning the elders of the blessing of the younger generation. Pay attention to the purchase of genuine sterling silver children’s bracelet, nana pandora charm must not be cheap to buy fake baby so that the tender skin allergies.
◎ to send friends: If you can send a friend can choose some fashionable prime silver or hollow, engraved foreign brands silver bracelet, silver bracelet can not be stapled, nor too thick too large, so both get hands and affordable The
◎ gift lovers: If it is to give lovers need to spend some more thought. Mainly to find out the lovers preferences and suitable for wearing style, to choose to buy partial tradition, or partial fashion, pandora charms emerald be sure to buy brand silver bracelet, the best is the foreign brand, refined, taste, unique style, not too thick, Is set with olivine, garnet silver bracelet symbolizes loyalty.
◎ presented elders: gift of elders silver bracelet, style is appropriate to the traditional, not too fashionable, simple and generous form, generous, adequate material, bracelets for women pandora avoid stingy. Engraved with a moral, auspicious, blessing pattern silver bracelet is a good choice.

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